Top 6 Places to Visit in Greece

From exploring the turquoise waters on the coast, to walking the narrow streets, to enjoying the rich historical sites, there is so much to do in Greece. Despite the country being fraught with financial worries, there are plenty of tourist and local destinations waiting to be explored by you.


Acropolis athens

Many experts believe that the Acropolis is the most important ancient site, particularly in the Western world. The Acropolis stands over Athens and is crowned by the Parthenon. The monuments, made out of white Pentelic marble, can be seen from all over the city.

The Persians burned the city to ash on the eve of the Battle of Salamis. Pericles set out on mission to rebuild the once beautiful city, and he succeeded in turning the city into one of temples. The city of Pericles was dedicated to Athena’s cult, and Pericles spared no expense when this city was created. The white marble remnants are all that’s left of the once colored buildings.

The monuments from this city have been through the ringer. In 1687, the Venetians attacked the Turks, and then ensuing open fire on the Acropolis caused an explosion in the Parthenon. This explosion damaged many of the buildings.

In 1987, the Acropolis became a Unesco World Heritage site. To keep up the site, many restorations programs are always underway. Additionally, many of the original sculptures have been moved to the Acropolis Museum.

The Acropolis became a World Heritage–listed site in 1987. Major restoration programs are ongoing, and most of the original sculptures and friezes have been moved to the Acropolis Museum and replaced with casts. Visitors can enter the site for free on the first Sunday of the month from November to March. You can purchase a combination ticket that includes entry to the Acropolis and six other popular sites.



Santorini is what comes to mind when many think of Greece. Visions of the white Cycladic houses linng the cliff tops come to mind. It’s no surprise that Santorini draws many visitors year-round. The multicolored beaches, wineries, historic sites and microbrewery keep all of the tourists who come here entertained for days on end.


Crete Greece

The locals of Crete are waiting to share their traditions and cuisine with you. They’re also waiting for you to discover the beautiful Cretan landscape. From the beaches in the north to the cliff-line south, to the moody valley villages and snow-dabbed mountains, the scenery of Crete is something from a postcard. You can experience all of this beauty on a driving tour, and you can also experience it on foot. For example, you can hike to the cave where Zeus is said to have been born and also snorkel in the area’s crystal waters.

Foodies will find haven in Crete. Many of the restaurants produce what they sell or catch, whether that be olive oil, cheese, wine or seafood. You can travel your way through Crete just by following the food. What’s more? The Cretan diet is said to be one of the healthiest in the world, so you don’t have to really worry about gaining weight while you’re eating your way on this vacation. Before you leave, you must take a shot of raki, which is a fiery liquor that the locals drink like water.



Corfu welcomes travelers with its gorgeous scenery and relaxing beaches. In mythological times, this city was where Odysseus found refuge and solace. The Greeks have called this island Kerkyra since the 8th century BC, and prize it for its beauty and location. Those who lived here were and still are very proud of their roots.

Unfortunately, areas of the island have become overdeveloped, but the main city is large enough where you can escape many of the large crowds. While you’re here, you should make sure to enjoy the local produce, which is abundant here.

Sanctuary of Apollo

Delphic oracle

Considered as the heart of the Delphic oracle, the Sanctuary of Apollo was designed as a sort of public relations scheme to show their wealth and power. The Sacred Way winds from the main entrance to the main temple. In ancient times, treasures and statues that were given as gifts from grateful city-states.

Heraklion Archaeological Museum

In Greece, this museum is the largest and most important. This state-of-the-art museum is one of the largest and most important in Greece. The revamped, two-story building features artifacts from over 5,500 different years. To help you navigate the space, the rooms are color-coded and ordered chronologically and thematically.

Of all that’s included in the museum, the highlights include jewelry, frescoes, pottery and sarcophagi. To really get the most out of your visit, make sure you plan to spend at least two hours here. Budget at least two hours for this extraordinary collection, if necessary taking a break in the on-site cafe.


Greece is a beautiful country that many tourists flock to. From enjoying the delicious local flare, to exploring the well-known Greek ancient sites, there’s so much to do and see. Don’t wait to explore this beautiful area any longer.

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