Top 5 South American Countries with Cheapest Living Costs

Everybody envies the millionaires. They have so much wealth and don’t even think about booking tickets to exotic locations. But some travelers are ready to spend every dime they earn on travel just because it gives them happiness. These travelers are versatile and adapt themselves to any environment. If you’re someone who has less money but has the thirst to discover, we are here for you. South America is known for its diverse culture and vegetation. It is envy for every traveler, and we take pride in presenting to you the cheapest countries that you could visit in South America.



What’s it like to visit a place that has endless spring? If you’re visiting here, you’d know. Ecuador is a beautiful country with a great culture and food. In fact, it is considered as the country to have given the World’s first Cultural Heritage site to the world. It has fascinating mountains, volcanoes, endless beaches and many more things to offer to make your stay eventful.

Travel and Accommodation

Ecuador is a small nation and getting around is quite easy. The buses that ply around the country are quite cheap, and the train system that was revamped by the government is also affordable. Accommodation can be found for as low as 7$ per night.

Getting Around

The street food is dead cheap. However, it is not friendly for most foreigners. Thanks to the volcanic sand, the vegetables are grown in vast amounts and can be bought for the lowest of prices. Since the towns are small, you can move around on bikes or take a walk. Sundays are car-free in some places.

Budget per day/person: 20-25 USD



Bolivia is the most diverse country in South America. The country boasts of multiple indigenous tribes. The result is the presence of various forms of art, dance, and music. The country is home to an inhospitable desert and the thick Amazon jungle. A paradise for trekkers, the offerings of Bolivia keep adding up.

Travel and Accommodation

Choose the accommodations with ultimate care. Search for hostels in the locality and don’t opt for hotels. But before paying, see if the rooms are neat as sometimes it will be nasty. Since the country is large, take overnight buses to travel. But take warm clothes with you as the climate can sometimes be freezing.

Getting Around

The best and the cheapest investment would be for Spanish classes. With a little knowledge of Spanish, you can get around quickly with public transportation systems. Do not buy tours until its necessary. Eat like a local. A set of lunch is as less as $1.50

Budget per day/person: 25-30 USD


machu picchu peru

Colonial buildings, Amazon marshes, Andes, and beautiful beaches are some of the essential reasons to visit the country of Peru. The tourism footfall is increasing every year mainly because of Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the world and the strange Nazca lines.

Travel and Accommodation

Some buses are quite cheap in Peru. But don’t opt for the most affordable as it won’t be safe. Go for top-end buses. It’ll also be comfortable and will save you money from your hotel stay. Peru has Couchsurfing organizations. Couchsurfing sometimes provides accommodation for free. Learn more about them and spend less money on visits. Opt for cheap hotels. Sometimes, backpacker hostels are expensive since most of its customers are foreigners.

Getting Around

Learning Spanish is the best way to get around Peru most easily. It helps you to bargain especially. Cabs do not have meters and, it is necessary to settle on a price before the ride. Give your best prices at shops and get discounts. Tours can be costly. All public transportation systems connect to tourist spots. Machu Picchu especially has a trail. If you love hiking, take the trail. There’s also a Perurail which is quite cheap too.

Budget per day/person: 30-35 USD



Most think of Colombia as a dangerous nation to visit. However, over the years, the tourists have found the place to be friendly and inviting. The locals embrace foreigners, and all tourists have had great experiences. Colombia has a lot to offer. From coffee to food, from rain-forests to beaches, from salsa to carnivals, it’s a traveler’s paradise.

Travel and Accommodation

One of the best accommodations in Colombia is the Hola hostels. Get the Hola hostel card. It’s free to sign-up for the card and you can get discounts at various Hola hostels across the country. If not, look for hotels that provide free breakfast. This can save you some money. There is an extensive bus network that connects the length and breadth of the nation. Taxies are quite cheap too and ridesharing is the better option to take.

Getting Around

Colombia is known for its coffee tourism. Visit the coffee plantations and stock up some coffee. They are known for their distinctive flavor. Take lessons on Salsa dancing. They are quite cheap and is something that you wouldn’t witness in major parts of the world. If you love ecology, do not miss out on seeing the Tayrona National Park.

Budget per day/person: 30-35 USD



From the Atacama Desert to the Andes mountains, Chile is always a dream destination for travelers. The country is known for its adventurous activities including skiing in the Andes and white-water rafting. The Easter Island is a part of Chile that has always captured the attention of the entire world.

Travel and Accommodation

Knowing the departure times of buses is the best hack to travel cheap inside Chile. The buses do not have flat rates, especially during peak hours. So, look out for buses that are cheaper. The seats inside the buses have different rates based on the comfortability. Ask for the cheapest seat to save money. Hostels are expensive in Chile when compared to other South American nations. Hence, opt for the cheap and best hostel that also provides breakfast.

Getting Around

Chile’s tap water is potable. Hence, you could save some money on buying water. Vegetables, fruits, and meals in local markets are cheap. So, stock up for necessity. Be picky when choosing the tours as it can have a big dent in your wallet.

Budget per day/person: 35-40 USD

South America is worth every penny. The continent offers people things that cannot be seen in any other part of the world. Since the living is cheap, you need not worry about money. But plan your travel well in order to save even more money.

Happy traveling!

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