Top 10 Best Things to do in New York

Are you thinking of going on a holiday to one of the most iconic places in the world – New York? If you are planning a long trip with your family or your friends, there are quite a few places to choose from and loads of things to do. The point, however, is this – you need to first decide what kind of places that you wish to see and things you wish to experience. Some of these places might be just right if you are a movie buff. Some others might be good if you are budding conservationist. There might be some more if you are a born historian. So, take some time to think through this before you zone in on what you would like to do in New York.

Be Where The Action Is – Times Square

city time square nyc buildings architecture square new york times manhattan urban usa street america travel tourism night landmark downtown united skyscraper business midtown broadway office taxi modern light outdoor states cab colorful tourist neon skyline panorama people car time square time square time square time square broadway broadway broadway broadway broadway
Image: Foundry (CC0), Pixabay

You are missing out on a chunk of history if you don’t visit Times Square. You’ll be surprised to now that New Yorkers avoid this like the plague! Know why? It’s far too crowded with people, billboards and tourists like you – nevertheless, please go there and take a pic of yourself.

Become The Arty Kind – At The Museum Of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art new york city

This is also referred to as MoMa – you’re going to be swayed by the work of the masters. Raphael, Van Gogh and Picasso to mention just three. The best part of this tour is that you can view all the paintings from various angles, making the experience extremely memorable.

Bridge Gaps – Walk Across Brooklyn Bridge

usa, new york, brooklyn bridge
Image: dfsym (CC0), Pixabay

Most of you would think that it would be near impossible to walk across the bridge that has been the gateway to this great city. Well, you’re wrong. There is an elevated boardwalk that you can use; from here you get one of the most breath-taking views for at least an hour.

Get Your Freedom – Stop At Ellis Island

ellis island new york city skyline urban bay harbor landmark immigration aerial view ellis island ellis island ellis island ellis island ellis island immigration immigration
Image: 12019 (CC0), Pixabay

If you get back to your country of origin and tell your friends back home that you did not climb up the Statue of Liberty, they’re going to think you were out of your mind! This is a piece of history that has come to be the symbol of New York. Visit the museum close by to get your fill.

Stop And Pray – Visit The 9/11 Memorial

memorial nyc new york world trade center september 11 scene usa america nyc new york new york world trade center world trade center world trade center world trade center world trade center september 11 september 11 september 11 september 11 september 11
Image: Foundry (CC0), Pixabay

This is one of the more recent stops on everybody’s tour. It is a moment that you will remember for life – a moment when you realize that the whole world stood still, watch the destruction unfold before their eyes. Visit this memorial and feel one with the survivors and their loved ones who died.

Feel The Expanse Of Nature – Visit The American Museum Of Natural History

american museum of natural history, manhattan, museum
Image: WikimediaImages (CC0), Pixabay

When you come face to face with some rare finding, you tend to ask yourself whether you are living on earth or on some rare planet or star. There are so many halls in this museum it could take you close to a week to visit them all. Leaves you asking for more; so, don’t leave this one out of your list.

Get A Move On – The Grand Central Terminal Is Your Next Stop

architecture building ceiling city column daylight flag grand central group landmark light people terminal tourism tourist transportation system travel urban usa window grand central grand central grand central grand central grand central group people people terminal
Image: Pexels (CC0), Pixabay

Being in this terminal only convinces you how small and insignificant you are. This entire complex of stations, public spaces, waiting rooms and so on leaves you wondering how you could ever find someone who goes missing here! You need to keep moving, but this terminal is a must do.

Another Ride In History – The Staten Island Ferry

ferry staten island new york manhattan boat ship nautical vessel ny skyline buildings downtown highrise water sea transportation cityscape urban usa city staten island staten island staten island staten island staten island manhattan manhattan
Image: skeeze (CC0), Pixabay

This is the other side of town. You need to get on to the ferry just to see what the Lower Manhattan skyline looks like. You realize that it is exactly like what you have seen in all those picture postcards that you received from friends who visited in the past. It’s a boat rider you won’t forget.

Give Your Cultural Self A Break – Check Brooklyn Out

cityscape nyc road buildings architecture manhattan new urban york skyline office business financial ny metropolis metropolitan dusk scenic famous sky city usa america landmark downtown building skyscraper river travel view modern evening brooklyn scene panorama east bridge sunset brooklyn brooklyn brooklyn brooklyn brooklyn
Image: fancycrave1 (CC0), Pixabay

You’re not going to forgive yourself if you visit New York and don’t check Brooklyn out. There is such a buzz in this locality of New York; you keep asking yourself how to keep up with all the excitement and cultural activity that is part of this borough. There are things to do and experience in Brooklyn.

Quaint But Still Attractive – Coney Island Calls

coney island beach brooklyn new york city city boardwalk ocean water attraction coney island coney island coney island brooklyn brooklyn new york city new york city new york city new york city new york city boardwalk
Image: BruceEmmerling (CC0), Pixabay

There are places to walk, eat, just be yourself or explore – that’s Coney Island for you. There is an old amusement park that you might find quite outdated. However, there are quite a few sights to see in this place. There are circuses and sideshows that could keep you in very high spirits.

Are you now convinced that this is a good list to go by? Of course, there are a lot of sights that you need to see if you want to get back home with a rich experience of seeing New York in all its splendor and variety. There are more museums, parks and historical places that could mesmerize you and leave you wondering how New Yorkers live in a place steeped in culture and history. Take time to drink in the ethos of this great city. It is a chance that you don’t miss for anything in the world.

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