Top 10 Attractions in Poland

Poland is one of the most powerful countries in Europe. With its rich and somewhat turbulent history, the culmination of all the events that the country has gone through has laid the foundation for a very unique identity and a resilient and strong people.

Ever since joining the European Union in 2004, the tourism scene in Poland has flourished steadily. Today it’s one of the European Union’s top tourist destinations, especially for the diverse range of activities and sights that it has. From skiing and mountain climbing to beautiful sandy beaches, as well as architecture of nearly every era, Poland offers an irresistible experience.

Tatra National Park

tatra national park polandOne of Poland’s most attractive features is its nature and irregular terrain. Tatra National Park covers an area full of lush forests, meadows, and rock formations over the Tatra Mountains. The park is a favorite for hikers and nature enthusiasts, as there are over 200 km of hiking trails throughout the park. There are also about 650 caves within the mountain opened for visitors, as well as the Wielka Siklawa waterfall, which stands at a height of around 70 m. The breathtaking scenery from several peaks in the park has made it the most visited national park in all of Poland.


warsaw poland
The most interesting part of Poland by far is the city of Warsaw. Currently the capital of Poland, this city has a rich and equally intense history, having been completely destroyed during the second World War. Today, however, Warsaw has been completely rebuilt, and parts of it have been restored to their ancient glory and are now known as Old Town. Warsaw is now considered one of the best spots for immersing oneself into the complex and rich history of this part of Europe. The city offers numerous activities and historical monuments for its visitors.

Bialowieza Forest

Bialowieza Forest Poland
There was a time when most of Europe was covered with lush forests full of exotic wildlife. Today, however, not much of these forests remain as they once were, but the Bialowieza Forest in Poland offers a pretty good idea of what these forests are like. The forest is sandwiched between Poland’s border and that of Belarus, and it’s home to several species like wolves, red deer, roe deer, wild boars, elks, and the European bison.


poznan poland
One of Poland’s most colorful and tourist-oriented cities, Poznan has a lot to offer for everyone. It is home to Poland’s third largest universities, and consequently lots of its visitors are students. As an educational and cultural hub, the city hosts several festivals a week, and is home to the Royal-Imperial Route, a walkway especially tailored for tourists. And for water sport enthusiasts, the artificial lake of Malta offers a fun skiing experience, with several skiing slopes, an ice rink, and several pools.


krakow poland
Owing to the intense history of Poland, several of its cities have suffered in many ways from the second World War. One such city is Krakow, which holds a special place between Polish cities for being the city where Polish Jews were led before being led to Nazi concentration camps. As a result of this historical struggle, Krakow’s Old Town is considered the most popular in Poland. Hundreds of tourists flock to the city daily to soak in the rich history and memorabilia.


Gdansk poland
This port city is considered the largest in northern Poland. It’s Poland’s main port, since it lies directly on the Baltic Sea. Like most of Poland, it has also had a rocky history, at times belonging to Germany and then back to Poland and also having had a significant time as a free state. It has sustained significant damages during the war, however it has rebuilt itself spectacularly. Today, it’s a popular tourist attraction due to its picturesque port, as well as being home to the world’s largest brick church, the church of St. Mary.


wrocaw poland
This medieval city is most famous in Poland for its breathtaking architecture. Luckily surviving the war, the ancient buildings still stand strongly today as a reminder of the country’s glorious history. Wroclaw is also home to Poland’s largest zoo, as well as the magnificent St. Elizabeth church, which offers a spectacular view of the city from its observation deck. The city is also located on the Oder River, which is popular with tourists for its sailing tours, giving the full experience of the medieval feel of the city.


Malbork poland
This beautiful riverside city has also been no stranger to the damages of war. The city is most famous worldwide as the home of the Malbork Castle, the largest Gothic fortress in Europe. The castle, which is actually divided into three castles, took almost 230 years to build, beginning in the 13th century. During the second World War, much of the castle was destroyed, however, it has been largely restored to its previous glory today.


Torun poland
By lucky chance, the beautiful city of Torun was able to escape the bombing during World War II. As a result, it’s still full of hundreds of buildings dating as far back as the Middle Ages. The city’s beautiful architecture has put it in ranks with some of the most beautiful places in the world. The city’s Gothic-style town hall was constructed in the 13th century, while other top attractions like the Cathedral of SS. John were built in the 14th century.


Lublin poland
One of Poland’s oldest cities, Lublin is home to a marketplace that is estimated to have dated back to the 6th century. Unfortunately, however, because of its location on the eastern border of Poland, it has been a first hitting point for wars over the years. As a result, lots of its beautiful architecture was destroyed, but similar to several Polish cities, it has been restored to its previous glory after the war has ended.
Lublin is not only famous for its historical heritage and beautiful architecture, but it also has a vibrant nightlife scene which attracts lots of tourists.

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