Why should Thailand be your next travel destination

When holidays are upcoming, confusion begins. It is always difficult to decide the destination that you wish to explore during the holidays. A lot of things must be taken into consideration. The budget, the exotic locations, the culture, the food, etc. Everybody craves for a new experience, don’t they? But, if you were to ask me, I’d vouch for Thailand. Because it’s cheap and it’s got everything you want to witness!

Distinct culture

thailand buddism

The official religion in Thailand is Theravada Buddhism. Visitors will find Buddhism almost everywhere from the towering temples to spirit houses. The visitors will also find a lot of Buddhist monks. Some temples offer an opportunity for the tourists to speak to monks about their life and to find peace.

Unique Festivals

thailand festivals

The country celebrates some unique festivals. One of the popular festivals among the tourists is the Songkran festival, which is the Buddhist water-fight festival. People fight with each other by throwing or pouring water. This is believed to wash away the sins of people.

Traditional floating markets

thailand markets

If you’re a frenzied shopper, this is one experience you cannot miss. Thailand is famous for its floating markets where goods are sold on boats. You could paddle to these markets too or hire a boatman and have a once-in-a-lifetime shopping experience.

Experience the live Planet of the Apes

thailand monkey buffet lopburi
Copyright: Wikimedia / Hbbhjgxjgf – CC BY-SA 3.0

I’m not talking about watching the movie in Thailand, but actually living the experience. The Lopburi Monkey Festival is one of the favorites among the tourists. It’s a monkey festival where monkeys feast on foods kept in a long table. The monkeys overrun the people at this place and it is again one experience you shouldn’t miss out. But beware of your belongings!


Float as you sleep

Cheow Lan Lake thailand
Wikimedia / JayExpat – CC BY-SA 3.0

The scenic beauty of Cheow Lan Lake in the Khao Sao National Park can be best experienced from the bungalows. Floating bungalows! These Thai raft houses are popular accommodation among the travelers visiting the country.

Experience ‘The Beach’

phi phi islands maya bay thailand

Ever since Leonardo DiCaprio appeared in ‘The Beach’, the Maya bay in Phi Phi has become a popular tourist attraction. It’s a beautiful bay that has cliffs towering over 100 meters. It’s known for its white sand, crystal clear water, and the coral and fishes underneath it. You cannot ask for anything exotic than this.

Go back in time to the Death Railway

thailand death railway

It’s not a trip where the train derails all the time. It’s a railway network that was constructed when the Japanese held the South-east Asian nations. During its sixteen months of construction, more than one hundred thousand POW’s died. This holds a significant place in history today.

Relieve your stress

thailand massages

Thailand is world-renowned for its spas. Tourists who come to Thailand do not leave without getting massages. It is healthy, refreshing, and relieves all your stress. If you hear ‘Sandwich’ or ‘Double Sandwich’ somewhere, do not take your forks. It is the name of the massages.

Swim with the fishes

koh tao turtle island thailand

The turtle island in Thailand is frequented by tourists because of its Scuba diving schools. If you spend three days, you could walk away with a certificate. Not just that, you can explore the underwater and see multiple schools of fish and get yourself a great experience at the lowest price.

Thailand has many more things to offer. Didn’t I tell you why you should pick this one? I’m sure you’re interested. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready to have a great Thai-me!

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