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tsa approved travel size bottletsa approved travel size bottle

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TSA APPROVED travel bottles are fully compliant with 3-1-1 rule for carry-on liquids,gels.3.4oz/100ml or less travel containers inside a clear 1 quart-sized bag per passenger.Little travel bottle kit is perfect for air travel domestic and abroad.

Easy to Squeeze.Travel must haves.Travel Size Bottle for Portability.Leakproof bottle for protect your gear.BPA free, the wide-mouthed lid for easy clean and refill.Black disc top cap convenient flip cap makes it easy to dispense.Clear bottle body, you can easily recognize what’s inside for quick selection.

travel essentialstravel essentials


Material: plastic

Dimension: 1.5″x4.7″

Capacity: 3.4oz/100ml

Weight: 17g/each

Working temperature: -20℃ to 50℃

Package Includes:

3.4 ounce Clear Travel Bottle set of 5 packWaterproof Pre-printed Label

Many uses:

Travel size bottles containers can store liquids and toiletries such as shampoo,conditioner,essential oil, hand soap, body wash, lotion, sunscreen,cosmetics,makeup water,face toner and other skin care products and toiletries.

cruise ship essentials     travel containers for toiletriescruise ship essentials     travel containers for toiletries

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$5.99$5.99 $5.99$5.99

3.4 oz 2 oz 3.4 oz

5 pack 3 pack 36 pack

BPA Free

Leakproof Design: The bottle mouth thread design is matched with disc top black caps lids to seal tightly and safe perfectly without liquid leakage.
Easy to Open: The disc-style lid lets you open and close with just a finger press, making it easy to dispense contents.
Waterproof Label: We will send a label that can mark the liquid for quick identification and avoid confusion.
TSA Approved: The bottles are lightweight, small and portable, making them perfect for air travel. They are also TSA approved for security purposes.
Multi-Use: These travel size empty bottles are perfect for vacation, business trip, beach, camping, party favors, and can store liquids and toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, lotion, sunscreen, cosmetics.