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traveling essentialstraveling essentials

travel essentials toiletriestravel essentials toiletries

Stylish travel bottles for women

Refillable squeeze bottles for hassle-free travel

CCTIVED travel shampoo and conditioner bottles are made of soft, rugged silicone that can withstand any adventure. They have wide openings and leak-proof caps for easy filling and dispensing. You can store shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and cosmetics in these bottles and keep them organized in our stylish pouch. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, our travel essentials will make your trip more convenient and enjoyable

Our travel container kit includes

4* squeeze bottles,1*PVC bag,1* clean brush, and 1* label

Travel Size Bottle for portability ,reusable Easy to squeeze, Soft silicone tube Leakproof bottle for protect your clothes Wide opening for filling and cleaning Food grade silicone,BPA Free

liquid travel containers leak proofliquid travel containers leak proof

Still Worry About the Big Toiletries for Traveling, Hiking, Camping?

Our travel size containers will help you solve your problem. As our travel containers set come with variety of small silicone bottles to carry liquids or solid, even our TSA approved travel containers set comes with stickers so that it is very easy to distinguish. With these convenient travel shampoo bottles and cases, your travel, vacation or other outdoor activities will become pretty portable and relaxing.

small travel bottlessmall travel bottles

Food grade silicone mini travel bottles

They are food grade they can also be used for your lunchbox for salad dressing, it’s made from soft, rugged silicone that’s easy to squeeze and gets every last drop out; the large sizes are still for air travel.

tsa travel toiletry bagtsa travel toiletry bag

TSA Approved Travel Bottles: No more worries about airport security restrictions! Our travel size toiletries bottles meet TSA regulations for carry-on liquids. With a capacity of 3 ounces (90ml), you can breeze through security checkpoints without any issues
Quadruple Leak Proof Design: Say goodbye to messy spills!Our silicone travel toiletry bottles feature a 4-layer leak-proof design with a sturdy flip-top lid and drip-free valve, ensuring no spills, leaks, or drips during transport. Keep your cosmetics safe and secure during travel
4 Colors BPA Free Squeezable Bottles: Our silicone travel bottles are made of food grade silicone that is BPA-free, ensuring that the liquid is not contaminated. 4 different colored bottles and labels allow you to better distinguish different liquids
Easy to Use: The wide mouth opening allows for easy filling and hassle-free cleaning. Simply unscrew the cap, pour in your desired liquid, and secure the cap back on, all tools are included. The vibrant colors & labels and clear bags allow you to customize and organize your bottles according to your personal preferences
Portable Traveling Essentials: Our tsa travel toiletry containers are the perfect solution for carrying your favorite toiletries on the go. Lightweight and compact, they easily fit into your carry-on or handbag, making travel hassle-free. You could use it to hold lotion, shampoo, cream, cosmetics and other skin care products