Most Dangerous Countries on Earth

There are a good lot of countries that I wouldn’t fancy visiting for a long weekend or holiday. But just which ones should you really stay clear from? Take a look at the below for our list of the most dangerous countries on Earth.



Afghanistan frequently features on the most dangerous list, having been torn apart by war for the past forty years. Terrorism, kidnappings, and lack of consular assistance keep Afghanistan the unfortunate holder of the title of one of the most dangerous countries on Earth. The UK Foreign Office advises against all travel to most of country (2018), and all but essential travel to the more “peaceful” areas.  Our advice?  Stay well clear.



We are so disappointed that Syria ever entered this list. Ancient Byzantine ruins, stunning old towns, and villages have been razed to the ground, and ongoing fighting throughout the country means many of these ancient treasures have been lost forever. The Syrian government has no control over large swathes of the country, and ISIS is still in operation. Unfortunately, some of Syria’s treasures may have been lost forever.


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An uncontrolled situation in Yemen means its stunning ancient wonders are not the best place to visit at the minute. Kidnap, terrorism, armed groups and warring tribes are the order of the day, and the situation for local civilians is currently dire.



Armed groups, drug trafficking and feuds spilling over the border from Colombia, and an unstable political situation resulted in the UK Foreign office issuing a blanket travel warning for the whole country in 2018. It’s one of a few South American countries that appear on many lists of the world’s most dangerous countries.


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Unsurprisingly, Iraq features high on the list. While progress has been made in recent months against ISIS / Daesh, the area is still incredibly unstable and not open for business. The UK Foreign Office still advises (2018) against travel to the Kurdistan region, which is seen as the most stable in the country. We hope Iraq will one day open up to tourists to showcase its history, but at the minute it’s just not safe to visit.



Another mainstay on the list, Somalia is plagued by violence, kidnappings, and threats of attack against westerners. Somalia is also the starting point of many pirate operations that are terrorizing boats and ships off the coast.



One of a number of West African nations that are not currently safe to visit, Mali has a history of kidnapping and terrorism, which is incredibly unfortunate as it results in the stunning UNESCO world heritage site at Timbuktu being off the list for holidaymakers for the foreseeable future.



Niger is participating in the fight against the Islamist group Boko Haram, and as a result, retaliatory attacks are highly likely. Kidnapping seems to be the main source of terror. However, there is also a very high risk of terrorism in the form of bombings and shootings.

As we write this list we are increasingly saddened that it could be a lot longer, there are many more dangerous countries than those we have featured here. Here’s hoping that this list reduces and doesn’t get any longer as we go through the 21st Century.

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