Most criminal Cities in Europe

Safety is a concern wherever you go. It is even more so important when you are travelling to a country that you do not know well. And given how much people love to travel, it is essential for them to feel safe. In fact, one of the reasons why some are hesitant to travel is because they feel that the place they are going to is dangerous. Yes, there are certain places where it is advisable not to travel due to the prevailing conditions.

But, there are other places as well where it is considered safe to travel. One needs to know which place is dangerous and which is safe. Let us take a look at Europe. It is filled with cities that are generally thought to be friendly and safe. On the other hand, there are some cities that would fall into the dangerous category. Where are they located?

The last thing you want to do is end up in one of these cities. It is sometimes a little difficult to believe that cities with so much beauty can have danger lurking in them. So, allows us to give you a heads up on a few cities which may make you rethink your plans. Here are the cities in Europe that are said to be the most criminal.

Kiev, Ukraine

kiev ukraine city urban architecture buildings church old sky clouds sunset dusk panorama trees winter cityscape hdr kiev kiev kiev kiev ukraine ukraine ukraine ukraine ukraine
12019 (CC0), Pixabay

A large part of the problem in this area is caused by the influence of Russia. The problems in Crimea have also spilt over to the city of Kiev. It is very common to see protests turn violent and there are many cases of theft and vandalism as well. Any city becomes a little more dangerous when there is political unrest and this is the case with Kiev as well. Tourists would be advised to be careful if and when they choose to visit the city.

Athens, Greece

acropolis parthenon athens greece olympic games acropolis parthenon athens athens athens athens athens
Dias12 (CC0), Pixabay

The problem in Athens is related to political issues but the bigger factor is the economic condition of the country. For a long time now, there has been a lot of economic unrest and this has taken a toll on the city as well. This kind of an economic condition has led to an increase in criminal activity. Another reason for the city to be called dangerous is the rising population level. Unless these problems are solved, the city will not be able to come back to a stable position.

Sofia, Bulgaria

sofia, bulgaria, cathedral
NakNakNak (CC0), Pixabay

The country which is said to be the poorest in the European Union often finds itself in lists such as this. A big problem that people have in this city is the corruption levels. This is said to be rampant in the local government and that has naturally made the people furious. When a situation like this develops, it is going to create some form of unrest. And that is what has happened in Sofia.

Budapest, Hungary

budapest black and white metro evening night speed trip november winter cold rain white ice landscape hungary wind cloud twilight water relaxation vaporetto reflection danube lake budapest budapest budapest budapest budapest
cristalmorando (CC0), Pixabay

The capital of Hungary has seen an increase in the levels of unrest due to the ongoing migration problem. The country has also been accepting refugees which have led to the development of this situation. One can witness protests happening at a frequent pace and that is not an ideal situation for a traveller to be in.

Riga, Latvia

latvia riga daugava bridge market halls latvia latvia latvia riga riga riga riga riga
Websi (CC0), Pixabay

One of the smaller cities on this list is also one of the more dangerous cities of the continent. As with many of the places, there have been a lot of protests regarding immigration. The rise of organised crime has also been a major problem for the authorities. Some parts of the city are relatively safe but there are other parts       that are not so safe.

Bucharest, Romania

hungary, cityscape, bucharest
Pauline_17 (CC0), Pixabay

The good news is that it is difficult to see violent crimes happening. But, the bad news is that one can see a lot of petty crime. While this is not a deterrent per se, it is something to consider. Another problem is the corruption that can be seen in the city. This has created a situation of unrest and led to the occurrence of protests as well.

London, England

london westminster landmark england architecture parliament uk cityscape london london london london london
TheDigitalArtist (CC0), Pixabay

It is a little surprising to see this city but unfortunately, it has gotten this spot over a period of time. Though it is not as dangerous as the other cities, there are still chances of something dangerous happening. This includes terrorist attacks though thankfully they are not very frequent.

Tallinn, Estonia

tallinn estonia city urban cityscape skyline downtown buildings sky clouds sunset night evening lights sea ocean hdr panorama tallinn tallinn tallinn tallinn estonia estonia estonia estonia estonia
12019 (CC0), Pixabay

If you take one look at this gorgeous city, it will be hard for you to picture anything violent happening here. But, that is the sad reality that is happening in Tallinn. This is due to the power that the Russian mafia has in the city. It can be seen in the trafficking activities that take place. This includes both drugs and more scarily, it involves humans as well. Despite the small population, there are incidents of dangerous crimes happening.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

belfast city reflection long exposure ireland northern belfast belfast belfast belfast belfast ireland ireland
neico (CC0), Pixabay

The city has always been known for the unrest that has occurred over many years. While it is not as violent as it used to be, there are still some instances where this happens. A major reason for this is the level of poverty that is very high. When there are so many people living in poverty, it will result in an increase of small crimes. This is something that will make a person think twice about visiting.

Glasgow, Scotland

glasgow, city, urban
brigsteer (CC0), Pixabay

The largest city in Scotland can be dangerous from time to time. There are many instances of violence related to gangs happening. This is not a safe environment for a tourist to be in. To be fair, the entire city is not dangerous. It is only some parts that are known to cause problems for people. The city has also seen quite a few violent deaths take place. Something like this is not at all good for the reputation of the city. Unemployment is also a problem that plagues the city. One of the more crimes that happen in Glasgow is that of mugging. It is widespread in certain areas and it is in your best interest to avoid these areas.  

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