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Although it’s a fairly young nation, it has grown to become one of the greatest countries of the world in all front. Formed in 1948, Israel was the creation that most people dreamed about during the World War II. As we all know, Israel is a Middle Eastern country on the Mediterranean Sea. It is also known as the Holy Land for three religious groups of people which are the Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Owing to this, Tourism has become the major source of income for the country. Though religion plays a major role in this, it might not be the only reason why tourists visit the country. Israel holds the major number of Museums in the world. According to statistics, the most visited city in the country is its capital itself, Jerusalem and the most visited paid attraction is the Masada.


western wall jerusalem jews pray orthodox holy religious western wall torah temple judaism israel jewish religion prayer old god rock east stone faith hebrew belief judaic spirituality spiritual architecture traditional city synagogue worship wailing ancient people sacred jerusalem jerusalem jerusalem jews pray israel israel israel israel israel
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This city is considered the holy city for three main religions – Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Thus, paving way for tourism as it contains sacred religious sites.

The most common tourist site and popular tourist site in the country is the Old City of Jerusalem. Until the year 1860, Jerusalem was the Old City itself but today, it has widely grown beyond the Old City. The Old City is a 0.9 square kilometers walled area comprising traditionally of four quarters – Muslim Quarter, Christian Quarter, Armenian Quarter and Jewish Quarter with the Muslim Quarter being the largest quarter of all. Jerusalem is also known to be the third holiest city for Muslims after the city of Mecca and Medina.

Jerusalem is a costly city. An average person would need to spend around 75-150 USD to take a look around the city. So, it is important to save you Shekels and make wise investment. However, when you’re there, there are things that you shouldn’t certainly miss visiting. Some of the culturally significant places are given below:


israel jerusalem the rock temple the dome of the rock dome of the rock israel israel israel israel israel jerusalem jerusalem jerusalem jerusalem
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The dome of the rock is a shrine of Islam found on the Temple rock. It is considered holy by the Muslims as it is said that Prophet Muhammed began his Night Journey to heaven from the rock located at the center of the structure. The same rock is also regarded by the Jews as they call it the Foundation stone, the place from which the world grew. It is also well known for its Islamic Architecture. Tourists all around the globe come to marvel at its architectural excellence which inspired a number of architectural buildings.


israel, jerusalem, temple mount
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The mosque, also known as Haram esh-Sharif is the third holiest site for the Muslims. It was considered to be the First Kiblah before Prophet Muhammed was redirected to Mecca Medina by God. It also carries the significance of early Islamic Architecture.


jerusalem mosque temple mount israel landmark culture ruins old ancient history historic monument historical structure architecture jerusalem jerusalem jerusalem jerusalem jerusalem temple mount israel israel israel israel
Image: MeganY (CC0), Pixabay

The temple mount is considered to be holy to both the Jews and the Muslims. It has 11 gates which allow entry into it, in which 10 gates are restricted only to Muslims and one to Non-Muslims. It is a flat plaza which is enclosed by retaining walls including the Western wall (another important tourist spot). In the Jewish tradition, this place is where they turn towards to for their prayer. Many of the Jews, who are extremely pious, do not even walk on it as they believe that there is some divine presence in the site.


basilica of the holy sepulchre jerusalem israel temple monument the old town christianity church religion architecture old jerusalem jerusalem jerusalem jerusalem jerusalem jerusalem israel israel israel israel
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The church of holy sepulchre, one of the famous tourist spots, is considered to be the holiest sites for Christians as it contains two of the holiest sites of Christianity, the first being the place where Jesus Christ was crucified and the second being the tomb, the empty tomb of Jesus Christ, in which he was buried and resurrected. And thus, because of its rich religious background, this is one of the famous tourist spots of the city.


Israel Museum
Image: Wikimedia / אסף.צ – CC BY-SA 3.0

Israel is popularly known for its religious sites and places but what remains unknown is the number of museums that Israel has and its significance behind it. The Israel Museum is the national museum of Israel and located in the City of Jerusalem. The museum has works from the pre-historical to the present day. It consists of Archaeological works, fine arts, and manuscripts. The most noteworthy fact about the museum is its outstanding collection of the oldest biblical manuscripts in the world as well as the rare medieval manuscripts.


avshalom cave israel jerusalem
Image: Wikimedia / יגאל דקל – CC BY-SA 4.0

This cave, situated at the Judean hills in Israel, is known uniquely for its dense concentration of stalactites. The cave is 83 m long, 60 m wide, and 15 m high. The temperature in the cave remains the same all year around. The stalactites found in the cave dates back to about 300,000 years. The cave is now open to visitors and is a must-see attraction for anyone who loves adventures.


tel-aviv trainstation night israel dark city architecture building town urban israel israel israel israel israel
Image: rliessum (CC0), Pixabay

When visiting Tel Aviv, one will get a feeling of being in an entirely new country. This is the modern Jew city of the world. Of course, the city comes at a cost!

Being Israel’s second largest city and its financial hub, Tel Aviv welcomes about 2.5 million visitors annually. This city is the UNESCO world heritage area of Bauhaus Architecture. The city is also famous for its beaches and it’s ranked as one of world’s ten best beach cities. Due to its nightlife culture and activities, it’s called ‘the city that never sleeps’. It is also famous for its museums which is attracts the tourists.


Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
Image: Wikimedia / Yeugene – CC BY-SA 3.0

Tel Aviv is home to various forms of arts and theatre performances. It has 18 of Israel’s major performing arts centers. The theatres are home to the famous local opera, The Israeli Opera and also the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Heichal HaTarbut is the city’s largest theatre with about 2,482 seats. The Israeli Ballet is also a major part of Tel Aviv. The city also acts as a host to global acts such as Madonna, Elton John, Paul McCartney,etc. The city’s Cinematheque screens various Israeli films, art festivals and also hosts a number of festivals.


Image: Wikimedia / Talmoryair – Public Domain

This museum has a huge collection of various archaeological, anthropological and historical artifacts exhibited in the pavilions on the grounds. Each of the pavilions is specifically dedicated to a particular subject such as glassware, copper, etc. It also has a demonstration of ancient methods of jewelry making, pottery,weaving, and bread baking.

Tel Aviv Beaches

jaffa beach israel tel-aviv holiday mediterranean sea vacation sun fun jaffa israel israel israel israel israel
Image: PublicDomainPictures (CC0), Pixabay

Tel Aviv, being one of top ten best beach cities in the world, comprises of a number of beaches. The most popular among them is the Hilton Beach, it hosts a number of water sports and classes. This beach also has a number of restaurants along the coastline. The other famous beaches are the Jerusalem (Geula) Beach, Gordon Beach, Bograshov Beach, Mezizim Beach, etc.

Money doesn’t matter, but experience does. Indulge in the history and growth of famous religions and ancient artifacts while in Israel. You will wonder if all of it ‘Is-real’. It will surely mesmerize you.

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