Top 9 Heighest Buildings on Earth

Many of the world’s cities compete with each other to build the heighest building. The success is usually, however, as architects and city planners try to outdo each other in the tall building stakes. Come on a journey with us into the clouds as we explore the world’s heighest buildings as of 2018 – but bear in mind that even as we write this. There are at least 20 other “supertalls “being designed and constructed across the globe vying for world’s heighest building status!

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa - Heighest Building on Earth

The current heighest building in the world on our list, the Burj has somehow been able to maintain this title since its construction. Standing at a whopping 2722 feet, the super skyscraper in Dubai is one of the UAE’s most popular tourist attractions. Completely finished in 2009, the Burj Khalifa has enjoyed almost ten years as the heighest building in the world and boasts an Armani hotel, hundreds of apartments, swimming pools and office space. There is also a restaurant and the popular observation deck where tourists from around the world come to take in viewings above the clouds.

Shanghai Tower

 Shanghai Tower

Number 9 on our list and second heighest in the world is China’s tallest building – the Shanghai Tower. Standing at 2073 feet, the recently completed structure has the highest observation deck on the planet and boasts the world’s fastest elevators as well as some planet-saving green technologies. Composed mainly of office space and shops and over 250 hotel rooms, the Shanghai Tower has an interesting twisting design that attracts attention from photographers and skyscraper spotters alike.

Lotte World Tower

 Lotte World Tower

At 1819 feet the Lotte World Tower is South Korea’s entry into the tall building competition. This earthquake-proof giant was only completed in 2015 but has already been knocked down the rankings of tallest buildings following the topping out of the Goldin Finance Building. Nevertheless, the Lotte World Tower is worth a mention as it boasts an excellent observation area spanning several floors.

One World Trade Centre

 One World Trade Centre

America’s tallest building is the One World Trade Centre, and although it is outshined by several of the supertall buildings in Asia, the building is still impressive. With a height of 1776 feet and with 104 floors the One World Trade Centre is a nod of remembrance to those who lost their lives in the September 11th terrorist attacks. The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, and this is the reason that the tower was planned to be 1776 feet tall.
Guangzhou Finance Centre and the Tianjin Finance Centre
A double entry here with 2 Chinese buildings standing neck and neck at 1739 feet each. The Guangzhou Finance Centre maintains a joint place with another China giant – the Tianjin Finance Centre. The Tianjin Finance Centre is nearing completion, while the Guangzhou was finished off in 2016 and boasts one of the fastest rising lifts in the world.

China Zun

Last on the list is the CITIC tower, or the China Zun as it is more commonly known. Nearing the final stages of the build, China Zun stands at 1732 feet and tower over Beijing. The building will include a hotel and luxury apartments, as well as a massive amount of office space and a roof garden. It also will be a landmark building in the central business district.

So there you have it, the list of the current tallest buildings in the world! The list is however ever-changing, and the nearly completed Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia. It will open in 2020 will tower over even the Burj in Dubai. Standing at a whopping 3280 feet, the Jeddah Tower will become the world’s tallest building when it is completed. And maybe it will smash the rest off the list!

Abraj Al Bayt

In a confrontation between tradition and modernity, the Albraj al Bayt skyscraper stands mere feet away from the Grand Mosque of Mecca. At 1971 feet Saudi Arabia’s current tallest building houses a Fairmont Hotel, museum and apartments and boasts the largest clock in the world whose faces are visible from miles away. The build was not without its opponents, including historians and conservationists who objected to the demolition of an 18th-century Ottoman building in order to clear the site for the new tower.

Ping An Finance Centre

China’s Ping An Financial Centre is located in Shenzen and stands at 1965 feet. A financial center with office and retail space. Ping An would have been China’s tallest building however local flight restrictions meant that plans for the tall spire had to be abandoned. As such, Ping An is the second tallest building in China and the fourth tallest in the world at the time of writing.

Goldin Finance Building

Another financial building, the Goldin has just completed topping out in 2018, so we will include this in our list. On final completion, the tower will reach 1959 feet and be China’s third tallest building and kicks the Lotte World tower out of position as the world’s fifth tallest building.

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