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    Best Places to visit in Albania

    Ksamil Albania

    Whenever I say the word ‘Albania’, often people think it’s a name of a girl. But, Albania is a country in Europe that will remind people of the 1950’s. It is rich with the ancient history, has multiple UNESCO heritage sites, and is emerging as a top tourist destination. If you’re planning to visit the […]

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    Top 9 Heighest Buildings on Earth

    Burj Khalifa

    Many of the world’s cities compete with each other to build the heighest building. The success is usually, however, as architects and city planners try to outdo each other in the tall building stakes. Come on a journey with us into the clouds as we explore the world’s heighest buildings as of 2018 – but […]

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    Most Beautiful Places in New Zealand

    Nugget Point Lighthouse new zealand

    When it comes to natural beauty, there are few places that are better than New Zealand. The sheer variety in its surroundings is quite breath-taking, to be honest. From gorgeous mountains to serene beaches, you can find just about anything and everything. Have a look around any part of the country, and you are sure […]

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    Top Places to visit in Spain

    Spain is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Having a diverse and rich history, it’s a place that has been impacted by several cultures, including Romans, Muslims, and several others. It therefore holds a unique identity visible in its different regions. Aside from its flourishing cultural and historical scene, Spain has become […]

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    Israel – Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for Tourists

    israel tel aviv jerusalem

    Although it’s a fairly young nation, it has grown to become one of the greatest countries of the world in all front. Formed in 1948, Israel was the creation that most people dreamed about during the World War II. As we all know, Israel is a Middle Eastern country on the Mediterranean Sea. It is […]

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    Top 7 Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

    Mirissa Sri Lanka

    For those who like to bounce from site to site while on vacation, Sri Lanka is an ideal destination. Sri Lanka boasts rolling surf and beautiful beaches, historical ruins, welcoming locals, trains, famous tea and food and eight Unesco World Heritage Sites. There’s also plenty to experience in the country’s rainforests. No matter where you […]

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    Top 10 Best Things to do in New York

    new york

    Are you thinking of going on a holiday to one of the most iconic places in the world – New York? If you are planning a long trip with your family or your friends, there are quite a few places to choose from and loads of things to do. The point, however, is this – […]

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    Most criminal Cities in Europe


    Safety is a concern wherever you go. It is even more so important when you are travelling to a country that you do not know well. And given how much people love to travel, it is essential for them to feel safe. In fact, one of the reasons why some are hesitant to travel is […]

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    Top 6 Places to Visit in Russia

    The country of Russia is mysterious to many but has so much to offer. Following the Olympic games and World Cup, many are turning to this country as a vacation destination. Be advised that you may encounter diplomatic and bureaucratic discomfort and inconvenience while on your trip. However, if you make it past these inconveniences, […]

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    Monaco – Home to the rich and famous

    Monaco may be small, but it is certainly not to be ignored. A city state principality located on the Mediterranean and surrounded by France, Monaco – and its famous area of Monte Carlo – is known as a home to the rich and famous. Although Monaco is not officially a member of the European Union, […]

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    Top Travel Destinations in Italy


    Visiting Italy is on many people’s bucket lists. From the jaw-dropping architecture to the rolling countryside, to the romantic feels, to the delicious food, Italy delivers on every aspect of a great vacation. This article features four of Italy’s top cities and their top destinations. Rome Italy’s capital is a delicious mixture of cultural beauty, […]

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    Amazing Castles and Palaces to visit in Japan

    Matsumoto Castle japan

    Japan has a huge number of beautiful castles and palaces to explore – from 15thcentury castles built when Japan was made up of a collection of independent, warring realms, to more recent constructions built or refurbished with modern materials. Due to a series of wars and natural disasters only 12 original castles remain, but the […]

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